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The Stroke That Changed My Life.

A story of survival and recovery.

My book tells about my struggle to survive from a massive stroke. After 4 weeks of being unconscious, I woke up with only 20 words and my right side was paralyzed. But... I was determined to recover. 

To buy the book, go to: www.Amazon.com and type in my name: Frank Hegyi and select a copy of my book. Follow the instructions to download.
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada




The Stroke - That Changed my Life

 On February 19, 2011, I suffered a stroke. It was a severe one. I was in a coma for 4 weeks. When I woke up, I could only say 20 words and my right side was paralyzed. I was in hospital for 5 months, wheelchair bound. The doctors told my wife that I would be a vegetable for the rest of my life. Although I heard this, I was not able to respond. I told myself, "no way, I will walk again". The book describes my struggles to regain my mobility and my speech. 

I never give up.

Throughout my life, I have faced hardship and challenge. I learned to survive. I was a high school dropout in Hungary due to the revolution in 1956 and had to leave my home and family; yet I managed to get two university degrees, raise a family and have a successful career. 

A miraculous recovery from Stroke. 

The doctors told my family that I will be paralyzed. But, I was determined to recover the movements and speech. I took all the courses and kept calm. Little progress and I persisted, I my mobility recovered and my speech is 70% back. 

The power of positive thinking.

I have learned this from my grandfather. "Be positive. Travel the world".