Talented Non-Fiction Writer: Frank Hegyi

My Struggle: written in The Stroke

Find determination to recover from illness by reading my stroke-fighting experience. My books, released by Frank Hegyi Publications in Ottawa, Ontario, present my struggles through life as well as my worldwide travels.

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My Story

I am a scientist who became a non-fiction writer focused on my personal experiences. My company, Frank Hegyi Publications in Ottawa, Ontario, is now promoting four books written and published by me. One of my books, The Stroke, has been translated into Hungarian and German. I survived the Hungarian revolution in 1956, earned two university degrees, one in Edinburgh and one in Toronto, had a successful career in government as a Director as well as in the private sector as president of a company, wrote more than 30 articles in scientific publications, and recovered from prostate cancer and a severe stroke. To find out  more about my life experences, read my books.  

Member &Treasurer of Ottawa Independent Writers Group | Secretary-Treasurer of the Aphasia Center of Ottawa | Board Member of the Hungarian Community Association | Past Governor of the Kiwanis International Organization | Past President and Coach of a Minor Hockey Association | Past Chairman of the Old timers Hockey Tournament | Past President, International Scientific Association

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