Walking again Out of the Wheelchair Volunteering Out of the 34 people, 3 has passed away

The Stroke My book tells my struggle: 20 words, my right side was paralyzed; I recovery...

To locate the book, go to: www.Amazon.com and type in my name: Frank Hegyi 
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My books are on the international travels... Enjoy them..


The Author - Frank Hegyi B.Sc., M.Sc.


As a leading provider of Hegyi Publications, we take pride in offering the best product and services. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. Frank Hegyi (the owner) has been in professional business for over 40 years.  He traveled in many countries around the world and pioneered technological breakthroughs such as from punch cards to GIS and to the current Facebook and twitter technology.  He has a B.Sc. degree from Edinburgh and an M.Sc. from Toronto Universities. He served for 4 years on an international scientific committee, he has authored over 40 scientific publications, edited a book and has written 4 novels. The most recent book: 'The Stroke' has been written under tough conditions: I was partially paralyzed and my vocabulary was reduced to 20 words. But now... I am on my way to recovery!