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Frank Hegyi

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1. Journey to the Big World & 

2. If It Wasn't for Celibacy, I would have been a Priest

Live vicariously through Frank Hegyi's experiences when you read his Journey to the Big World or If it wasn't for Celibacy, I would have been a Priest, published by Hegyi Publications. 

Available in Hungarian: Journey to the Big World 

3. Stroke That Chan My Life 

4. Death Can Wait Cancer Stories

Reflect on the highs and the lows of life with 
an honest look at Frank's inspiring Stroke or Death Can Wait. 

When the author got the Stroke he was uncountious for 4 weeks and when he reconnected with the world, he spoke 20 works and his right site was paralyzed. 

Available in Hungarian: Stroke 

Associations & Memberships:
Treasurer of Ottawa Independent Writers Group; Secretary-Treasurer of the Aphasia Center of Ottawa; Member of Parish Pastoral Council, Roman Catholic Church; Past Governor of the Kiwanis International Organization; Past President & Coach of a Minor Hockey Association™; Past Chairman of the Old Timer's Hockey Tournament; Past President of Commission 7, International Society of Photogrametric and Remote Sensing, and Past member of the Executice of the Hungarian Society of Ottawa. 


Who We Are

Hegyi Publications is a publishing company based in Ottawa, Ontario www.hegyipublications.com 

Under Scientific Publications, the author list his over 30 publications in refereed journals and conferences. Each publications are available through Google.

Under novels, we are promoting 4 books:

We are currently promoting 4 books written and published by the founder of our company, Frank Hegyi. A talented writer, scientist, world traveler, and author of nonfiction books, Mr. Hegyi has written four books based on his real experiences.

One of his books, The Stroke That Changed My Life has even been translated into Hungarian and German; and Journey to the big World is available in Hungarian, too. The other books are I it wasn't for Celibasy I would have been a Priest short strories and Death Can Wait 34 canncer strories. 

To obtain a book, go to Amazon.com and type in Frank Hegyi.

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