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I am a scientist and novel writer. I have over 36 scientific publications in journals, conference proceeding and in the private media. In 2004 I was interested in novels and since that I published 5 books:

  1. Journal to the Big World travels around the world as a scientist and author. I survived Prostate Cancer, Stroke, and I am still writing novels.
  2. Death Can Wait Stories from Cancer Survivors. I recovered from Prostate Cancer; also 34 other stories of cancer survivors. 5 passed away since the time of publication.
  3. The Stroke That Changed My Life. After Stroke, I was unconscious for 4 weeks and when I came to life, my right side was paralyzed and my vocabulary was reduced to 20 worlds. My recovery story.
  4. If it wasn’t for Celibacy, I would have been a Priest. Short stories about religion, politics and life.
  5. Internet based novel writing and publications. I described the changes from 1960 to the present, including the changeover from traditional to self-publishing in both novel writing to publications.(Soon to be published)  

  • I was a refugee in 1956, escaping from Hungary to Austria
  • 9 month later I got a scholarship to Edinburgh University to do a B.Sc. degree.
  • I graduated with a B.Sc. in Forestry in 1961.
  • In 1969 I graduated with an M.Sc. degree in Biometrics from the University of Toronto
  • I was a Research Scientist for 10 years in B.C.
  • I was a Director, Forest Inventory Branch for 10 years
  • I am author of 36 journal/private media publications
  • I am the author of 5 books
     *Journey to the big World (English           and Hungarian)
    *The Stroke (English, Hungarian             and German)
      *Death Can Wait
      *If it wasn't for celibacy, I would                 have been a Priest

      *Changes in novel writing and publiications


Read my books at:

*The Stroke – That Changed My Life. My recovery from paralysis and speech.

*Journey to the Big World – My travels around the world.

*If it wasn’t for Celibacy, I would have been a Priest. Short stories.

*Death Can Wait – Stories from Cancer survivors.

*Changes in Scientific publications and novel writing . New publications media

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